Why I Love Being a Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Designer, Kait Noelle, sitting at desk smilling.


Hi! I’m Kaitlin, lover of jewelry and founder of Kait Noelle Studios.

I was lucky enough to work in a jewelry store for many years where I learned how to properly craft jewelry to make it last for many years to come. During my first year there, I didn’t know if I could stand to keep working in a jewelry store. To me, it felt superficial and like the jewelry had no meaning other than a show of how much money someone had.

Luckily, I stuck around and learned what jewelry actually means. For example, I saw countless daughters come in with their late mother’s wedding rings that they had inherited. To them, that ring was a memento of the most important woman in their life, memories of her, and a keepsake to pass on to her children. 

Loose diamonds in various shapes waiting to go into a custom engagement ring

Kait Noelle Studios is a place where women can come and rework these meaningful pieces, where they can design their own unique, engagement rings (or at least leave hints for their future fiances) and where they can be inspired to purchase their own jewelry.

I want to build a business in which I can employ like-minded women who care. A place women are excited to come to, where we can learn from each other, inspire each other and keep pushing towards our dreams, unapologetically.

Doing this is a dream of mine. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to create something that I hope will touch many lives.


xoxo - Kait Noelle

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