Claspless Jewelry FAQ

What are the bracelets made of?

All the chains are 14k gold. (No gold filled or plated pieces)

Is it really permanent?

While every chain is 14k gold and built to last, jewelry is never indestructible and the chains should be treated as you would treat any other piece of fine jewelry.

How can I get one?

There are a couple ways you can get your hands on our pieces:

1. Attend a pop-up at a local business
2. Host a private party! (hello, girl's nights, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, 'just because' parties!) *5 piece minimum purchase requirement*

What's the process like?

It's really quite simple!

1. Choose your chain
2. We will custom fit the chain to your wrist, ankle or neck depending on where you want to wear it!
3. A very small ring will be placed on the chain to connect the ends of the chain
4. We will weld the ring together using a simple, small welder.


How much are they?

Bracelets range from $120-140. Anklets range from $140-200. Necklaces in 16-20" range from $210-315. Longer lengths can be priced upon request. 

What if I have to cut my chain off or it comes off?

Save your chain and we are happy to give you 1 complimentary reattachment. Anything after that is $20. 

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! These make great gifts. Click here to purchase.