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How can I work with you?

If you need something that has to do with jewelry, I can most likely help you! I work with many suppliers to provide already made jewelry, gemstones and diamonds alongside my custom work. If you have jewelry that needs repaired or sized, I can also help you with that. While I’m known for completely custom jewelry, I can also do customized/personalized jewelry (such as adding birthstones to jewelry, engraving, etc.)

To work with me, send an email to with your request. I work on an appointment only basis.

For custom design and/or jewelry redesign, fill out the form here.

Do you sell lab grown diamonds and gemstones?

Yes! I offer natural and lab grown stones. 

Do you sell salt and pepper diamonds, unique shape stones and other unique types of stones?

Yes! I work with many suppliers to source whatever type of stone you may be interested in!

Where can I get info and/or book for claspless jewelry?

Click here for more info:

Click here to book:

Can you help me reset stones I already own? 

Yes! This is one of my favorite things to do. Please fill out the form here to inquireClick here to see how the process works. 

What range of prices do you offer for your pieces?

I want everyone to be able to share in the joy of adornment with me, but with a focus on keeping everything I offer to a high standard of quality. Even so, I have pieces available starting at $30.

Fully custom jewelry starts at a minimum of $600. If you’re looking for specific piece that you’d like customized for less than $600, please reach out to me at because I have many suppliers that may make something similar to what you’re looking for and are able to customize it for you.

What’s your return policy?

For non-custom pieces: You may return within 30 days of purchase, so long as the piece is in its original condition.

For custom pieces: These items are one of a kind and made specifically for you. Due to this, all sales are final.  My goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to me with any questions, concerns or hesitations so we can work something out together!

What if a piece from you needs repairs or altered?

I 100% stand behind my work. The integrity of my work is something I hold to a high standard. If you need anything repaired notwithstanding any obvious abuse to the piece, simply email me at to set up a way to ship to me or drop off and I will get it taken care of for you.

If you need a piece altered I’m more than happy to make it to your specifications. Whether it is to extend, shorten, size or otherwise just email me at and let me know how we can make the piece perfect for you.


How do I clean my piece?

The following does not apply to glued stones, opals, beads, strung necklaces or pearls. If you’re unsure of your specific piece, please feel free to email me at

Place warm water with mild dish soap in a small bowl, place your jewelry in the bowl. You can feel free to let the piece sit for 5-10 minutes and then use a fine bristle toothbrush to scrub under the stone.

Glued stones, opals, beads, strung necklaces or pearls can be wiped with a damp cloth with a mild dish soap on it. You don’t want to wet the glued area or the string the piece may have running through it (like a pearl strand).  Allow the piece to dry completely before you store it to avoid mold (especially on pieces that are strung on a string, like a pearl strand).

How do I care for my piece?

The saying “jewelry should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off”, exists for a reason. This rule will help your jewelry avoid coming into contact with chemicals, perfumes and other substances that could affect the sparkle and shine of your piece. 

Specifically for gold-filled jewelry, which is a heavy gold plating over a base metal, substances can remove/ruin the plating.

Specifically for white gold, you should avoid chlorine and bleach. These chemicals attack the hardeners, otherwise known as alloys, mixed into white gold and make your piece brittle. 

You should take your jewelry off when doing work that may put stress on your ring (think yard work, lifting weights, doing things a necklace could get caught on). 

If you have specific questions about a piece, please feel free to email me at and I’m happy to give you guidance for your situation!


How much does custom jewelry cost?

On average, custom costs $300-500 more than if you were to buy your piece already made. This covers your computer design, a wax model, the casting and setting of stones and varies based on the detail of the design and the labor to finish the piece and set the stones.  Please inquire about specific design ideas by emailing me at and I can give you a price range OR we can find a way to work within your budget and achieve the look you want.

How does the custom design process work?

Click here to view the design process.

What is the difference between “custom jewelry” and “customized jewelry”?

Custom jewelry means that the piece is completely one of a kind. We start with inspiration and design a piece that is completely unique in my computer software (computer aided design). We can tweak and adjust, add and subtract anything you’d like in the design! It is all up to you and I’m here for guidance and ideas along the way, if you need!

Customized jewelry would be a piece that is already made that we can change to make it your own. This could be a mounting that we pick the diamond or gemstone for, a piece that we have engraved for you, charms that we add to a piece and many more ways.

I can offer both of these services! Email me at anytime to get started!

How can I get started on a custom project?

For custom design and/or jewelry redesign, please fill this form out.


Have more specific questions? Please email me at and I'm happy to help however I can.