Designing your own jewelry is an experience unlike any other.  Our aim is to keep you as involved in the process as you'd like!

Here's how our process works: 
1. Let's talk. 

Through e-mail, phone or Facetime/Skype, or in person, we'll discuss the piece you're dreaming about, budget and timeline. At this point, we can send pictures and ideas back and forth and hone in on exactly what you want.

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2. Pick your stone(s). 

We work with a large variety of suppliers to get you just the stone you're looking for. All stones are ethically sourced and conflict free. We will send you videos and pictures of the stone using outdoor and indoor lighting so you know exactly what you're buying. (Oftentimes, we will order a few stones for you to compare! We want you to love what you pick and feel comfortable that you explored your options.)

3. Design. 

Now we work together to design your piece on CAD 3D software, down to every little detail. We will render the design for you so you can see a picture of it in whatever metal color and stones you choose. (You can still request changes at this point.)

4. Model. 

A wax model (to scale) will be made from our CAD design. This wax model can be shipped to you if you'd like, or I can send you pictures and videos of the wax. You may still request changes at this point! Charges may apply for additional wax models.

5. Cast & set. 

Once the wax is approved, we will have our qualified jewelers cast your ring and expertly set your stones! I suggest having your piece appraised for insurance. Please let me know if you'd like an appraisal with your finished piece.

This entire process takes 5-6 weeks, but we can work quicker in some cases. Just ask!
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