5 things to consider when choosing a wedding band

diamond engagement ring and fitted wedding band
there are very, VERY few things in life that you can say you'll have for decades upon decades and then once you pass, your family can have for decades upon decades.

...but your wedding band?  THAT is one piece that should fit into this category, IF you do it right.

that said, besides asking yourself if the band is made well, here are 5 things to think about when choosing your perfect wedding band:

1. is it important to you that the diamonds start and stop in the same place as they do in the band of your engagement ring?

2. how high off the hand does the band sit? generally speaking, you'd want it at the same height or a little lower than your engagement ring to keep most of the attention on the engagement ring.

3. is it a style that's better off being welded to your engagement ring? consider if it will catch on things, does it have a center point to where if it gets pushed off center it will bother you, are there stones in the gallery of your engagement ring that your band could be scratching if not welded, etc.

4. is it a style you're going to love forever? it's easy to get swept away in the newest trend, but for a wedding band, it's smart to think about what you will love long term.

5. are you skimping? so many brides leave the wedding bands as one of the last things they choose for the wedding and by that point, they are so tired of spending money, they end up choosing a band that is less than what they had in mind. while i completely understand having budgets (trust me, i planned a wedding myself, so i get it!), i also want you to consider that long after the vows have been said, the drinks have been poured and the dancing has ended, your rings are likely the only things from your wedding that will be with you every day for years to come.
Are you currently shopping wedding bands? start a conversation with me by emailing me at kait@kaitnoelle.com. let me know what you're looking for & what your engagement ring looks like & i'd be happy to help you find the perfect band!

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