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Article: top engagement ring trends of 2023

top engagement ring trends of 2023

top engagement ring trends of 2023

custom radiant cut diamond engagement ring

so far, 2023 has been a  F U N  year for engagement rings. much to my delight, people are opting for more nostalgic, classic ring styles or really fun pieces that will no doubt, create beautiful heirloom pieces someday. 

other than the trends i'll show you in this blog post, there are 2 other stand out details about engagement rings in 2023.

the first, we're seeing less and less round shape center stones. it used to be that round was always the classic, go-to that most people think of when they think "i do".  well move over rounds... ovals and pears are in town (most notably ovals!).

second, the popularity of lab grown diamonds has skyrocketed. you may be surprised to know that lab grown diamonds have actually been around since the 50's, however it wasn't until recently that the quality of them was found suitable for jewelry AND that more and more labs began making them. 

okay, let's get into 2023's top trends so far:

1. oval diamonds

custom oval halo engagement ring

2. toi et moi rings (aka two stone rings)

two stone engagement ring with emerald and pear
(source: Black Diamond Jewelry)

3. colored center stones

engagement ring with blue center stone

4. east-west designs

radiant cut engagement ring set horizontal

5. art deco inspired

art deco inspired engagement ring


ready to get started on finding your dream engagement ring? click here to see how the custom design process works or email me at to get started today. 

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