Custom 14k yg & 10k wg sapphire and diamond crown ring

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One, custom 14k yellow gold and 10k white gold sapphire and diamond ring set with crown accents. 

The 2 outer rings are 14k yellow gold each with 5, 1.75 mm, AA quality, faceted diamond cut sapphires. The total carat weight of the sapphires is approximately 0.29 carats.

The center ring is 10k white gold and is set with customer's, 28, 1.5mm round diamonds.

The 3 rings are welded together in a size 7 and there is a 14k yellow gold crown trim pieces on each side that spans across the 3 rings. 

Center Ring: $1250
Outer Rings: $925/each
AA Blue Sapphires: $315 for 10.

Discount gold credit of $415 at checkout.