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Little Mama Dainty Necklace Gold Filled

Sale price$30.00 Regular price$44.00

Gold filled dainty mama charm strung on a high quality 14/20 14k gold filled signature 18" cable chain.

Charm: 1/2”

High quality 14k gold filled chain which is 14/20 certified and made in the USA.

Chain does not turn, tarnish, or rust.

Handmade with the highest standards & quality materials.


JEWELRY CARE TIPS: Our 14k gold filled jewelry is high quality and will not tarnish, peel or rust. Gold filled jewelry can handle getting wet however, to prolong its beauty and overall longevity, here's what we recommend: 1) Put on your jewelry AFTER applying perfumes, sunscreens & lotions. Chemicals and water can shorten the lifespan of gold filled jewelry as it is not solid gold 2) Avoid wearing in pools & hot tubs 3) Clean your gold filled jewelry with a soft cloth or mild soap & water